The Stats: Why Marketing is Important for Attorneys

A survey by the American Bar Association showed that only 54% of US law firms have a marketing budget for their practice (only 13% of solo law firms and 32% of small firms have a budget).  This means that if your law firm has a marketing campaign and budget you are already a step ahead of 46% of your competition.

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”  

– Henry Ford

74% of prospects hire the lawyer that they speak with first.

Let’s take a look a some more statistics.

57% of prospective clients search for a lawyer on their own,

59% ask someone for a referral, and 46% do both.  

The top places that consumers go to research lawyers is 46% sites like Yelp, Avvo, and, 43% Google, 36% law firm websites, 9% print advertising, and 5% radio or TV.  

58% of website traffic from legal prospects comes from paid search.  

Paid search has a conversion rate of 1.8%, paid social has a 2.3% conversion rate, while organic search converts at a rate over 4% making up 66% of all call conversions.  

82% of people said that timely communication was an important factor when evaluating a lawyer.  Furthermore,  61% of conversions are made on a phone call vs a form or web submission.

However, when Clio emailed and called 1,000 law firms, 60% didn’t respond to the email and 27% didn’t call back or answer the call.  

Here’s Why It Matters To You. Do you have a system set up for your law firm to track and convert calls generated by online research in a timely way?  If not, your prospects will speak with your competition first and likely will win their business.

Agency 310 has helped many small law firms get prospective legal consumers to call and covert before they have a chance to speak with their competitors. Set up a free consultation to see how we can do the same for you by clicking here.

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