Eight Reasons to NOT Copy Another Brand’s SEO Strategy

Brands must develop search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to succeed. You may feel tempted to copy a competitor’s SEO strategy, but doing so could lead to severe consequences, meaning you don’t want to copy them. As you understand why you shouldn’t copy another brand’s SEO strategy, you’ll focus on developing one for your business and helping it reach out to people.

Ignoring Your Target Audience

Ultimately, you’ll ignore your target audience if you copy an SEO strategy. Even if you have competitors in the same industry, their target audience may vary. Your target audience comes down to the groups of people with the highest odds of purchasing your products, so you may focus on a younger crowd while your competitors go with older groups.

SEO strategies exist to help you gain more traffic and attention based on the people in your target audience. If you rely on another strategy, it won’t be geared toward your audience, so you may lose some of them. You should make an SEO strategy and see how you can focus on your target audience to gain more leads and customers.

Not Capitalizing On Your Strengths

SEO strategies allow you to focus on your strengths and utilize them, so you’ll have more success. For example, if your business has a robust website but doesn’t get the best traffic, you should work on your website’s keywords. Doing so will get more people to your website so they see the excellent design and realize your business offers great products.

The same applies to other areas where you want to draw more attention, such as social media pages, your landing pages, or even email newsletters. You can capitalize on these strengths to increase revenue by building a unique SEO strategy around your customers.

Not Learning From Their Mistakes

If you copy a competitor’s SEO strategy, you won’t learn from their mistakes. No strategy works perfectly, so your competitors will naturally have mistakes in their strategies. If you copy it without thinking, you’ll face the same mistakes they did, which could lower your growth, revenue, and similar points you want to maximize during your SEO strategy.

For example, your competitor could’ve overlooked social media in their marketing and SEO, so if you copy it, you won’t utilize it. However, you’ll consider different channels if you take the time to develop your strategy and work with a team. Doing so will help you learn from other strategies, avoid problems, and increase your odds of succeeding.

Facing Financial Consequences

If you use another plan, it may not work for your business. Since they focus on various areas and take different approaches, others may notice how it doesn’t match your business, so they don’t like the re-branding and changes. You could then lose customers or give off the wrong impression, causing them to turn to your competitors for their business needs.

You’ll then lose money if people aren’t interested in your business. You’ll also use money and resources on the SEO strategy just to find out it doesn’t work, leading to further losses. Overall, you increase your odds of making money or breaking even if you develop a plan specifically for your business. 

Dealing With Legal Issues

You could copy an SEO strategy but face legal issues based on where you live. You can’t use someone’s copyrighted material or take from their branding, so if your strategy does so, you could end up with a lawsuit. Not only will that make your business look bad to the public, but you’ll spend money on lawyers while going through a trial.

If it goes poorly, you could lose more money from legal fees and having to pay restitution. While these issues vary based on where you live and what you could face, you should minimize the issues altogether by avoiding them and creating a unique plan.

Lacking the Corresponding SEO Tools

Most businesses consider the SEO tools available as they develop strategies. The ones they use may have different features from the ones you use, so they build the strategies with those points in mind. If you don’t consider your SEO tools and how to use them, you may be unable to implement the strategy correctly.

However, if you make your strategy and think about your tools, you’ll create ideal processes built around those ideas. Doing so helps you maximize your efforts while recognizing how you can include your tools in the process, so you’ll overcome problems and find the best ideas for your customers.

Customers Getting Brands Confused

You’ll notice how your brand aligns with others as you copy different strategies. If you copy another brand’s strategies, customers may confuse your brand for theirs. Usually, SEO works as a way for people to associate specific keywords, phrases, and concepts with businesses. People may confuse your brands if you use the same ideas and words.

If people confuse your brands, they could purchase something from your competitor, thinking it came from your business. They may even think of your businesses as owned by the same company, so they think they can go with either option, so ensure you develop a unique SEO strategy to make your brand stand out.

Competing With Keywords

SEO allows you to identify the best keywords for your business, so you’ll get more organic traffic to your sites. If you use the same SEO strategy as another business, you’ll compete for the exact keywords. Doing so causes you to get less traffic since you must try and rise above each other, causing more people to split between your businesses.

Instead, you should find the best keywords for your business. You ideally want commonly-searched words with fewer businesses trying to use them, so you’ll gain more attention, especially as you take advantage of local SEO.


Copying a competitor’s SEO strategy leads to problems, you’ll get more out of it if you develop a unique one. Ensure you consider the options available, see what appeals to your customers, and improve your SEO accordingly. Doing so will help you find the best keywords to appear in more searches while you go through the options. If you need help with your SEO strategy needs, contact us for assistance.

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