Search Engine Optimization: Relevance to eCommerce Success

You’re not alone if you’ve invested so much into building a great eCommerce site and still haven’t seen your website get the exposure it deserves. Although you may not need professional coding skills or expensive site management software to optimize your digital presence, many online entrepreneurs are stumped when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization: Why do eCommerce Stores Need it?

SEO focuses on organically growing your website’s visibility on search engine results pages, driving traffic, and increasing brand awareness. SEO is critical if you desire potential customers to  easily find your products and services.

The best way to help your eCommerce site rank higher on search engines (SERPs) than your competitors is by using the following SEO best practices to build domain authority.

  • Determine search terms that are the most relevant, popular, competitive, and effective for your brand by performing keyword research
  • Fulfill search intent by creating keyword-enhanced content that Google can crawl your page and rank it
  • Maximize the visibility of your content by building a well-organized site architecture (Technical SEO) with a focus on user experience
  • Consider how your products can be optimized to visibly appeal to site visitors and improve page ranking by using call-to-action modifiers and rich snippets that offer excellent conversion potential.
  • Mitigate page bounce rates by making your eCommerce site mobile-friendly and prioritizing page loading speed. Google ranks pages that provide a superior user experience, faster-loading pages, and lightning-fast links.
  • Optimize URLs and leverage tried-and-tested analytics tools to test your website’s performance. It improves traffic and conversion.

These search engine optimization tactics hold the reins for a strategically sustainable web positioning and presence in an era of digital marketing competitiveness. You must be asking yourself, do I need SEO, and how long will it take to see results?

Most subject-matter experts agree that there’s no hard or fast rule as to when you start seeing organic improvements from your SEO efforts. Bear in mind that SEO results grow over time.

By collaborating with an expert digital marketing agency like Agency 310 , you may see improvements in organic ranking for keyword topics and an increase in traffic within 4 to 6 months. 

Common eCommerce Site Pain Points that Affect SERPs Ranking

All eCommerce store owners are fighting for two things: heightened visibility on SERPs and more revenue generation. Visibility on search engines in the forms of featured snippets, product ads, or video links for e-commerce site ranking is all the rage right now. Even so, the following issues require fixing.

Slow loading sites and complicated checkout processes that kill conversions.

Solution: pick a better host for your platform and ensure your site is mobile phone optimized.

Ignoring pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to promote your brand over your competitors and gain web traffic.

Solution: brainstorm long-tail keywords which are better for PPC conversions and return on investment (ROI), then test your PPC campaign over time to improve where necessary

Referral traffic drought due to broken backlinks and having content that’s not shareable.

Solution: expand site authority and ranking potential by fixing broken sites (404 errors), then boost your site’s reputation by guest posting quality content and linking to authoritative sites to get quality referral traffic.

Increased shopping cart abandonment due to a lengthy or confusing checkout process and various website performance problems.

Solution: send remarketing emails to cart abandoners, identify issues in your conversion funnel, and reduce page load times to make navigation between the eCommerce store and cart effortless.

No new leads for one reason or the other, causing your sales pipeline to dry up because clients have stopped interacting with your products.

Solution: scale your business and grow revenue by employing effective lead generation strategies, such as posting high-quality and relevant on-page content on social media to engage users. Likewise, optimize your landing pages, encourage online reviews, utilize affiliate or influencer marketing, offer giveaways, and more.

Black hat SEO practices like keyword stuffing and buying backlinks to rank high on SERPs.

Solution: work with an SEO expert who follows Google guidelines because getting caught using black hat tactics can result in your site being completely wiped out of search listings.

Benefits of SEO for eCommerce Businesses

Since the pandemic, eCommerce continues to play a much more significant role in consumers’ lives now than ever before. So far, customers have paid trillions on online purchases in the past few years, meaning retailers must meet the need to create engaging and relevant fresh content.

Additionally, eCommerce marketers should employ the above SEO best practices to effectively increase website traffic and conversion rates while ultimately reducing shopping cart abandonment.

If you want to grow your digital-based business and remain relevant in a competitive marketplace, working with an SEO expert can help your website rank higher on the SERPs for greater visibility and organic search traffic.

Pro Tip: Google emphasizes core web vital metrics primarily under the loading, interactivity, and visual stability user experience elements. Working with an expert in digital marketing SEO ascertains that your website runs expeditiously as they keep an eye on HTTPS security, malware, and loading performances, among other crucial metrics of your eCommerce site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we approach SEO services?

We at Agency 310 apply tried and tested on-page and technical SEO strategies to significantly improve your site speed and performance, mobile responsiveness, and usability. It positively impacts site visits, dwell time, bounce rates, backlink referrals, CPP, click-through rates, etc.

How do we measure SEO performance success?

We analyze various key performance metrics of your overall SEO strategy to check improvement in organic search traffic, your Google ranking for keywords, eCommerce website’s visibility on SERPs, including your click-through and bounce rates.

Search engine optimization takes a lot of time and effort; the work doesn’t even stop when you rank high on search engines.¬†Contact us today; we will help fine-tune your website’s SEO to boost your search visibility and overall eCommerce store performance.

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