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SEO in the Real Estate Industry Provides a Leg Up to Users

Real estate agents and firms are in a constant battle to gather up as much attention as they possibly can in direct competition with other real estate agents who are attempting to do the same thing. As you might imagine, sometimes real estate agents have to get pretty creative in the way that they approach some of the marketing tactics that they take. This is why SEO in the real estate industry is one of the most utilized forms of marketing. 

What does SEO look like in the Real Estate Industry?

How precisely do real estate agents and firms get the word out about who they are and how they operate within their industry? One of the first places that you will find real estate agents is online. Plenty of people go to their favorite search engine when they are interested in real estate and in hiring someone who can help them find the exact piece of property that will suit their needs. Given this reality, it is abundantly evident that many real estate agents will need to market themselves effectively online. provides a definition of precisely what search engine optimization is for those who may be uncertain: 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) constitutes a number of tactics that can increase your brand’s visibility and attract a large audience. And the best part is, you don’t have to cold call or pay for ads to obtain buyer leads.

Thus, when a real estate agent or firm uses the powers of SEO, what they are doing putting themselves in front of as large of an audience as they possibly can. They are leveraging the power of the search engine itself to get their messaging in front of as many eyes as they can. 

Common Pain Points

SEO is not always a perfect cure-all for everything that could be troubling a real estate agent’s marketing woes. There are some common pain points that many in the industry note. 

Many agents and firms make errors when they first attempt to perform SEO within their marketing. Common mistakes include

  • Not Including Enough Content – Throwing a bare bones website up for all to see is one way to get the word out about your business, but it is probably not the kind of reputation that you want to rely on. This is to say that you need to put up a reasonable amount of content in order to keep your audience engaged and interested in what you have to say. 
  • Not Localizing the Content – It is a major error to not localize every bit of content that you put out in real estate. People are literally searching for information based on localized areas, so your content needs to speak directly to those communities or it will fail. 
  • Lack of Understanding of Keyword Usage – There was once a time when someone could simply jam-pack their website with a specific keyword or phrase and garner a top spot on the search engines. That is not the case anymore. The process is much more sophisticated, and those who don’t adapt to it will likely achieve less than desired results.

Benefits of SEO

A few of the reasons why real estate agents and firms will find a lot of value in search engine optimization include: 

  • Brand Awareness – Every agent or firm should have a particular brand that is attached to their name. This is a reputation builder that spreads via word-of-mouth marketing. When that individual or firm becomes known by a particular brand, they can play off of that reputation to build an even bigger client base down the line. 
  • Improve Domain Authority – Agents and firms need their websites to rank highly on search engines in order to collect as much of the search traffic as they possibly can. Thus, it is necessary to use SEO tactics to attempt to improve one’s domain authority (aka their rankings on search engines) as much as they possibly can. 
  • Increased ROI – The amount of money that one puts out for marketing purposes against the amount that they receive back in return is an important metric to measure at all times. You may be surprised to learn just how quickly you can improve your ROI when your SEO game is directed just perfectly. 

There are plenty of additional reasons why real estate agents and their firms love to use SEO tactics for marketing purposes, but these are some of the most popular reasons offered by those who are in the industry. 

The Approach We Embrace at Agency 310

It is our firm belief that every client that puts their trust in us deserves to receive the care and attention that their account deserves. We want them to walk away having done business with us with a sense of satisfaction that their account was properly cared for. To reach that point, we must sit down with them on an individual basis and review every aspect of their strategy and how they have done things up to this point. We may recommend some changes in that strategy at times, but we ultimately just want to ensure that our client has the best possible SEO for their current needs.

How Success is Measured with Agency 310

Don’t think for a moment that we leave you guessing about how your SEO campaign is going. No, we step in and make sure that you have the tools at your disposal to figure out which approaches you will take going forward to get the best results. We use a number of analytic products to help you see how your campaign is working out. These tools include: 

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Business Propfile,
  • Google Analytics
  • SEM Rush
  • BrightLocal

On top of that, we offer our own real-time dashboard that can provide you with statistics and data about how your campaign is going 24/7/365. Never again be in the dark about any aspect of your SEO campaign when you use our service.


Finally, we end on a few FAQs

How quickly does SEO work?

You cannot expect immediate results from your SEO efforts. Like all good things, they take some time to bare fruit. Thus, you should expect a lag time of approximately 4-6 months before your results truly start to turn up.

Are reviews good for SEO purposes? 

Yes, Google reviews are particularly helpful to boosting your ranking on the search engine. 

We hope that you have learned a lot from what you have read here today, and we would like to serve you even more. For more information on the use of SEO by real estate agents and how to do it best, please contact us and let us know which topics are of interest to you. 

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